Baggage FAQs

Is baggage pooling allowed for passengers traveling together?

Yes, baggage pooling is allowed for passengers traveling together, but the weight of one suitcase cannot exceed 32 kg. Maximum dimensions of luggage is 158 cm (height + length + width).

Is it possible to take skateboard , an electric scooter on board GetJet Airlines flights?

Skateboard , an electric scooter are not accepted on GetJet Airlines flights.

What are the conditions for transporting the baby stroller?

We accept baby stroller as checked baggage free of charge for the infants until 2 years. Please note, that when transporting a stroller, it is necessary to pack it in a suitable packaging for transportation. For your comfort, you can use baby stroller until boarding.

Can I carry a stroller instead of my checked baggage?

No. The baby stroller is carried as a special baggage and the additional fee applies for all children 2 years old and older.