For Cargo Operations

09 Pick-up and Delivery Services

9.1 AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE Save always to prior written agreement of the Carrier, PICK-UP SERVICE and DELIVERY SERVICE may available at the points, to the extent and subject to the rates and charges established for such services in accordance with the applicable regulations of CARRIER or as agreed by CARRIER.
9.2 REQUEST FOR SERVICE PICK-UP SERVICE and DELIVERY SERVICE, if available, may be provided when requested in writing and paid in advance by the SHIPPER.
9.3 SHIPMENT FOR WHICH SERVICE IS UNAVAILABLE PICK-UP SERVICE and DELIVERY SERVICE will not be provided by CARRIER without special prior written arrangement.
9.4 LIABILITY If PICK-UP SERVICE or DELIVERY SERVICE is performed by or on behalf of CARRIER, such transportation shall be upon the same terms as to liability as set forth in article 11 hereof unless otherwise provided by mandatory regulations.