General information

15 Other conditions

15.1. General

15.1.1. In individual cases, carriage of You and Your Baggage may be provided in accordance with other legal acts and condition which apply to Us or which We have adopted in relation to flight safety, punctuality, and Passenger convenience. They also apply to, and not only, the Carriage of Persons with Limited Mobility; restrictions on the use of electronic devices and items; the transportation of certain dangerous articles; and the on-board consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

15.1.2. These procedures and regulations shall be provided to You by Us or the Client upon Your request or You can find them on

15.1.3. Our Conditions of Carriage can be amended in writing exclusively by Us. The last amendments of Our Conditions of Carriage announced shall be effective.

15.1.4. Our Conditions of Carriage and any disputes thereof are governed by Lithuanian law, and international law, unless the application of another national law is mandatory.

15.2. Data protection

15.2.1. When processing Your personal data, which either You or another person acting on Your behalf has submitted to Us, We act in accordance with the applicable legal acts dealing with the domain of data protection – GDPR.

15.2.2. Within the scope defined in the applicable legal provisions of GDPR, Passenger is obliged to provide the Carrier with his/her personal data necessary for booking a flight, issuing a Ticket, performing the carriage arrangement, obtaining other benefits in potential complaints procedures, and complying with immigration requirements and other entry requirements.

The Carrier shall process the personal data referred to above and submit it to relevant state authorities and/or other foreign recipients (including, e.g., authorities that use them for preventing and combating terrorist acts or other international crimes), authorized agents, other carriers and other entities for the purpose of fulfillment of the above or other legally justified goals being pursued by administrators or data recipients. Passengers are entitled to access and correct their personal data.

Our partners are always obliged to adequately safeguard Your personal information and process it in accordance with instructions stated in Our mutual agreement. For more information about Our privacy policy please visit