General information

03 Tickets

3.1. General

3.1.1. We will provide Carriage only to the Passenger named in the Ticket and/or the List of Passengers. During Your flight check-in You must provide Your identity so that We can identify that You are the person named in the Ticket and/or the List of Passengers. If We have information that Your Ticket may have been acquired unlawfully, We reserve the right to request You to submit additional details or information related to the acquisition of Your Ticket.

3.1.2. Tickets purchased are not transferable. Only the person named on the Ticket is permitted to travel using the Ticket.

3.1.3. You will not be allowed to travel if You fail to provide a valid Ticket (confirmation of reservation) for a certain flight and a valid identity document.

3.1.4. The Ticket is a valuable document and You should take appropriate measures to safeguard it and ensure it is not lost, stolen or damaged. This provision is not applicable to an electronic Ticket.

3.1.5. Tickets shall not be valid unless the charter price, including, if applicable, taxes, levies, charges, increases and the like have been paid for Us by the Client or until credit arrangements established by Us have been complied with, pursuant to the terms of the applicable Charter flight agreement.

3.2. Ticket validity period

3.2.1. Ticket is valid only for the flight dates specified in the Ticket.

3.2.2. Tickets issued by the Client are valid provided that the Client pays Us for the certain charter flight or the block seats and duly fulfills all the other obligations under the Charter flight agreement We have entered into.

3.3. Name of the Carrier

3.3.1. Instead of Our name on the Ticket, Our Airline Designator Code or an abbreviation of Our name may be specified. You can request information about Us from the Client and/or find it on Our website The Client is always the contracting carrier in respect of the Ticket issued by Client for carriage of Passengers and/or Baggage by air which is performed pursuant to a Charter flight agreement between Us as actual carrier and the Client and such carriage is subject to the Charter Flight Agreement.