General information

04 Travelling during pregnancy

If the pregnancy is not complicated, traveling by air is safe and does not cause any hassle. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before purchasing your trip. The following requirements are set for pregnant women’s safety and comfort of  during flight:

Clearance not required: 0 – 31 weeks of single pregnancy / 0 – 27 weeks of multiple pregnancy;

Medical certificate required: 32 – 35 weeks of single pregnancy / 28 – 32 weeks of multiple pregnancy;

Not allowed to travel: from 36th week of single pregnancy / 33th week of multiple pregnancy.

Expectant mothers who cannot present a pregnancy passport / medical certificate / pregnancy statement to prove their stage of pregnancy may be denied boarding for safety reasons if the airline representative has doubts that the Passenger can withstand the flight without requiring extraordinary care.

Medical certificates must be dated within 2 weeks of flight departure  and must include this information:

  • the signature of a doctor or obstetrician
  • the certificate must be issued on a clinic / hospital form
  • indication of whether the pregnancy is single or multiple
  • number of weeks of pregnancy and expected date of birth
  • state “Fit to fly”
  • must be written in English or Lithuanian and understandable

Medical certificate is a free form, used by your clinic.

After the 28th week of pregnancy, Passenger assumes full responsibility for any consequences during the flight. Air travel is prohibited for women within the first 7 days after delivery.