General information

10 Schedules

10.1. Before reservation, the Client will notify You of the charter flight time on the day You purchase the Ticket and such information shall also be specified on Your Ticket. The flight timings shown on Your Ticket or elsewhere may change between the date of reservation and the date of travel; the flight can be delayed or cancelled.

The Client will notify You of any such changes using Your specified contact details. Information about any changes to the charter flight time using the contact details, including email address, specified by You to the Client shall be considered duly delivered.

10.2. If Your chosen flight, for which You hold a confirmed booking and a purchased Ticket, experiences a change in time, is delayed or canceled, or, in cases of denied boarding or downgrading of service class, We act according to the demands of the Regulation No 261/2004. Information on the Regulation No 261/2004 is available on

10.3. We take all possible measures to avoid changes in flight times, flight delays or cancellations. Therefore, in cases where We are taking or have taken such necessary actions, We, among other things, are entitled to complete the flight to Your chosen destination with another aircraft and/or to entrust the operation of the flight to another Carrier if thereby, in Our opinion, it shall be possible to avoid changes in flight times and flight delays or cancellations, and/or to decrease the flight delay time.