General information

09 Traveling to Tenerife


In order to protect tourists and the public throughout the season, the Spanish government has introduced health checks on arrival to Spain and additional requirements for arriving passengers.
All passengers arriving to Tenerife (except children under six years) must present a negative PCR test, which must be performed not earlier than 72 hours before arrival. Test results must be in Spanish or English language. For more information please visit here.

All passengers arriving to Tenerife must fill in FCS form 48 hours before the flight. You can fill the form here.
Upon successful completion of the form, a QR code is obtained, which passengers will be required to provide upon arrival to the screening staff. The QR code can be saved on the phone or a paper copy.

Note: Each passenger receives a separate QR form when filling the „Family Group FCS Form“.

Please note that passenger will be denied at boarding in case of non compliance with the QR code and test results in paper at the departure check-in. GetJet Airlines is not responsible for the consequences for not having all the required documents.