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GetJet Airlines joins EASA’s “Fly Right” campaign

GetJet Airlines are delighted to announce our participation in the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) campaign “Fly Right” to promote responsible flying and prevent the behavior of unruly passengers.

In recent years, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, unruly passenger incidents have become a growing concern in aviation. Even though the pandemic has ended, disruptive passengers continue to pose risks to flight safety and passenger experience, and we recognize the importance of addressing this issue.

The mentioned incidents encompass a range of disruptive behaviours, including verbal and physical altercations, non-compliance with crew instructions, and intoxication. These incidents not only pose threats to flight safety but also impact the overall comfort and wellbeing of all passengers.

“Safety and security are our utmost priorities, and at GetJet Airlines, we firmly stand against disruptive behaviors onboard. We believe it’s crucial to foster a culture of respect and responsibility among our passengers, as everyone onboard has the right to a safe flight free from behavior that may put them at risk,” says Vytautas Akstinas, Aviation Security Manager at GetJet Airlines.

We have joined forces with other airlines, airports and handling companies to be part of EASA’s campaign to encourage passengers to Fly Right this Summer. We will be sharing key messages, such as being ready for flight, being polite to staff and fellow passengers, and emphasizing that disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

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