Aleksandr (Alex) Celiadin is a serial entrepreneur best known for establishing and developing one of the largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) airlines in Eastern and Northern Europe – GetJet. Since 2016, the company has generated over $100 million in net earnings, a remarkable feat in such a competitive and low-margin industry. The company stands out as the most profitable non-scheduled (ACMI) airline in the region, setting a benchmark for operational efficiency and financial success in the aviation sector.In addition to his involvement in GetJet, Alex operates a number of businesses across various industries, and has offices in the UAE, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta and Cyprus.

Alex’s propensity for aviation began with his father, a seasoned aviation engineer, who instilled in him very early on strong work ethics and affinity with the sector he now calls his own. And Alex was quick off the mark, taking up his first professional role in Aurela Airlines while still only halfway through his MBA degree. This pivotal role sparked his 21-year journey in the aviation industry.

Following his father’s passing in 2010, and as Aurela Airlines faced closure due to the global financial crisis, Alex and former Aurela colleagues co-founded GrandCruAirlines in 2013. With a few of Aurela’s Boeing 737 classic aircraft, and under the leadership of Aurela’s former CEO, he took on the role of Deputy CEO. This business venture offered valuable lessons and paved the way for his own venture GetJet.

Established in 2016, GetJet arose from the ashes of Aurela Airlines, Lithuania’s first privately owned airline. It was here where Alex’s acumen, ambition and strategic vision was first able to shine. With his partners, he took on a failing business and after successfully navigating through initial turbulence was able to transform the venture into the beacon it is today.  

GetJet received its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) in 2016 and has since managed to maintain an upward trajectory by adhering closely to the principles of client and market diversity, diligent risk management, and a deep understanding of managing aircraft assets. In the next three years, the company grew its fleet to 25 aircraft, achieving an EBITDA of $25 million. This strong foundation helped the company navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 era. Since then, it has obtained two additional AOCs in Latvia and Malta, expanded into the wide-body aircraft market, and extended its services to cover asset management, fleet support, MRO, and aviation training under the Airhub Aviation brand. 

Today, GetJet Airlines fly aircraft in and out of 170 airports across more than 50 countries within the EU, Africa and Asia. The company has even operated a commercial flight to Australia – the first Lithuanian airline to achieve this milestone. In 2020, it was named the leader of Lithuania’s transport and logistics sector at the Verslo Zinios awards. In 2023, the company posted 40million EBITDA.

It is not only Alex’s ambitions for his business that are sky bound. He himself is a fully licensed FAA Commercial Pilot. It is this kind of dedication that has inspired the trust of his many partners, which include Finnair, Transavia, Wizz Air, Norwegian, Icelandair, TUI Airways, Vueling, Swoop, and a number of others.