Boeing 737-800 is an ideal choice for short to medium-haul flights. With seating capacity of 189, the Boeing 737 NG jetliner, stands as a widely used narrow-body aircraft in today’s competitive market. Boasting a spacious cabin, advanced technology, and a proven track record, this aircraft is the preferred option for airlines looking to expand their fleet capacity.


Flexible Configurability

Accommodates 189 passengers with a range of seating configurations


Cost-Efficient Operations

Optimized maintenance schedules and fuel efficiency


Versatile and customizable

Can be tailored to meet specific requirements

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Information of planes

Aircraft registration Manufacturer serial nr. Year of manufacture Cabin configuration
LY-UNO 33801 2004 189Y
LY-DUE 33996 2004 189Y
LY-CIN 28247 2002 189Y
LY-KUA 28244 2001 189Y
LY-TUI 33974 2004 189Y