Passenger rights

02 Flight irregularities claim

Dear, Passenger,

Thank you for contacting GetJet Airlines. To control the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, we responsibly follow the Government Resolution No.207 Declaring Quarantine on the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania from 14 March 2020 and we are forced to change the organization work. This situation may take longer than usual to handle complaints.

GetJet Airlines Team

Regulation No 261/2004: Passengers must submit claims directly to us and allow us such time as prescribed by applicable law to respond directly to them before engaging third parties to claim on their behalf. Claims may be submitted on line or by e-mail Leading documents must be presented: travel documents, boarding pass, a copy of the person’s identification document.

Passenger may submit a claim to us on behalf of other passengers on the same booking. We may request evidence that passenger has the consent of other passengers on the booking to submit a claim on their behalf.

In accordance with GetJet Airlines procedures, any payment or refund will be made to passenger’s bank account only. We may request evidence that the bank account is held by passenger concerned.

Payment of compensation for passenger shall be made as soon as possible, but not later than within 10- 12 weeks after the passenger has submitted all the necessary documents (Articles 13.2.1, 14.2.1) and his / her claim is satisfied.