General information

06 Travelling with pets in cabin

Animals can be transported in the cabin if the following requirements are fulfilled: PETC (pet in cabin) shall be a pet (only a dog or a cat) in the cabin in an approved transport container (maximum size 50x40x20 cm and maximum total weight of 8 kg). The transport container must be completely shut, and the pet must remain inside for the duration of the flight. The transport container must be stored under the seat in front of You. The transport container must be appropriate for transporting animals:

  • The door must be secured in such a manner that it will not open accidentally or cannot be opened by Your pet during handling and transport.
  • The container must be well ventilated.
  • The bottom of the container must be leak-free.
  • The pet must have enough space to stand up, turn around and to lay down.

Passengers transporting pets must have valid health and vaccination certificates, pet passports, veterinary entry documents and other documents, required by destination and transit countries, without which a pet will not be permitted to enter these countries.
No more than 3 PETC transport containers are allowed per flight. Pregnant animals or pets under 8 weeks old are not allowed onto our flights. PETC are not allowed on flights to/from Dubai (DWC), Tenerife (TFS), Fuerteventura (FUE) and Madeira (FNC).
Passengers travelling with pets in the cabin are subject to restrictions on the choice of seat. Passengers with PETC and assistance dogs cannot be seated: at/near emergency exits; in the front rows; next to VIP Passengers; next to Passengers with reduced mobility.
The transport container with the pet must be stored on the ground.
Transportation of PETC is a subject to additional fees. Please contact the Client or Your travel agent for more information on pet transportation.

Note: while carrying pets between countries on connecting flights, all consequences resulting from each local law and rule/regulation related to animal carriage are the Passenger’s own responsibility.